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2nd Small & Family Farmers; 

New & Beginning Farmers National Conference

September 20-21, 2018


Why is there a need for this conference?

According to PSA's Census of Agriculture, the Philippines has a 5.56 million farms/holdings covering 7.19 million hectares. This means that the average size of a farm in the Philippines, mostly small scale family farms, is 1.29 hectares.

Even more interesting fact is that of the total 5.56 million farms 38% in under half a hectare.


The 2nd National Conference of Small & Family Farmers; New & Beginning Farmers brings together the second time stakeholders of this very important yet often neglected segment of our agricultural industry.  This year, the 2nd Small & Family Farmer; New & Beginning Farmers National Conference is expected to be bigger and more fun and interesting!

Is Small Farm a Real Farm?

In the development of the agricultural industry and the focus on commercial farming, many have neglected that farming traces its origin to small scale family farming. People used to grow their own food and for its immediate community. The growth of commercial farming is good but there is nothing wrong in the continues cultural practice of subsistence farming.

New generations of small and family farms prefer to produce food that has ecological, social, and economic integrity. New generations of small and family farms are intentional multifunctional farmers. They use their farm as their home, their food production area, their recreation area, their school and more. 

The aim of this conference is promote the creation of systems of farming capable of maintaining their productivity and usefulness to the community. The central theme of this conference is how to mobilize our small & family farmers; new and beginning farmers for food security, sustainable tourism and rural development.

This conference is organized by a network of family farmers led by MoCA Family Farm RLearning Center advocating the promotion of family farming.